New horizons for RFID and barcode integration in air industry

New horizons for RFID and barcode integration in air industry




The event starts at 10.00 a.m.

  • Sheremetyevo Airport Tour
    Demonstration of BHS and “Hand to Hand” RFID tracking system
  • Speakers:

    ●  Mr. Andrew Price Head of Airport Operations IATA

    InBag program; 753 resolution IATA; collaboration with the Longest Chance

    ●  Representatives of Aeroflot airlines and Sheremetyevo Airport

    pinpointing current problems with the baggage in the context of the airline-airport

    ●  Eldar Vagapov, Technical Director from Longest Chance

    what is “Hand to Hand” RFID baggage tracking system; results of the pilot project; the possibilities, advantages and benefits of implementing RFID tracking system in airport

    ●  Alexandr Medvedev, member of the Board of Directors in Longest Chance

    “Hand to Hand” baggage system opens up new horizons for RFID and barcode integration in the air industry
  • Q&A session and discussion
  • Gala dinner

The conference will be held at Sheremetyevo Airport. We recommend you to book Radisson Blu Hotel at the airport.
(Mezhdunarodnoe shosse, 2 International Sheremetyevo Airport City of Khimki, Moscow, Russia)We recommend to plan your visit as follows: arrive in Moscow on November 25th, the return flight on November 27th.You may require a visa for entry Russia. An invitation letter can be provided from IATA Russian representative office.
In case you need a visa, please send us the following information at the e-mail:
(a copy of passport, the city of visa application, name of company, work position, company address, phone, fax.)* The list of presentations can be adjusted
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