Longest Chance and Mikron, UHF inlay producer get ready for RFID bag tag adoption in air industry

Longest Chance and Mikron, UHF inlay producer get ready for RFID bag tag adoption in air industry


Longest Chance recently had negotiations with Russia-based UHF inlay (RFID chip + antenna) manufacturer – Mikron. The management team had a visit to facilities to estimate the quality and technical characteristics.

UHF inlay produced at Mikron labs and production facilities shows very high quality and attractive pricing. The UHF inlays are considered for RFID projects with baggage tags demanded by airlines. The Hand-to-hand RFID Baggage Tracking System, which we, along with IATA, successfully tested and proved last year in a pilot project requires establishment of global RFID infrastructure to be cost-effective and expedient.

The product we inspected at Mikron is available for use in any countries, e.g. from Europe to the US, where the UHF frequencies are different. In bag tag tracking application the quality is one of the most influential factors as it pre-determines the read rate. And the difference even in tenth percent result in considerable number of potentially unread bag tags, eventually relating to financial loss and air passenger dissatisfaction.

Unlike barcode, RFID application does not imply typical restrictions of this obsolete technology, such as line of sight and lack of automation. With Mikron’s UHF inlays RFID bag tags can be read without hindrance to readability and at much higher rates (thousands per second). There are minimum expectations to RFID bag tag read rates at 99.9%, strongly affected by the quality of UHF inlays. We see that UHF inlays produced by Mikron completely satisfy this strict requirement.

Both Longest Chance and Mikron have reached the understanding that they are ready to jointly implement baggage tracking projects of any scope for any airline. Most of the stakeholders – airlines, airports, and industry-wide organizations – are much interested in baggage tracking where the RFID technology is the most promising and reliable solution.

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